Welcome to the Turpen’s
Welcome to the Turpen’s website.
Currently housing the Turpens of Dallas, TX. We are transplants from northern california, embarking on a wonderful exploration of the American southwest. OK, maybe not, we moved here for the jobs, good schools, dark skies (well, darker than the SF Bay area anyway), great food (Texas is BBQ). Of course, this is all my opinion (Richard) and my wife and kids will probably chime in on their own on what they like about Texas.
My blog is here, and my wife Valerie has her own blog here. I’ll set some up for the kids if they want to blog, I am sure my son has much to say about all things Warcraft and Blizzard, so his will probably pop up soon.
Anyway, welcome to the Turpen’s website. If you are a fellow Turpen (or Turpin), drop me a line and I’ll be happy to link to your site.